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Books by Ted

Published on Valentines day 14 Feb 2016

“Charlie 1 5, Charlie 1 5”

Here we go muttered PC “Addy” Adiscombe to nobody in particular as he lifted the radio mike off the dash in his patrol car. Addy was nearing the end of his 2nd year in the police. It was a job he had taken after deciding that sea sickness made his life in the Navy impossible. He had enjoyed the service life. The Training Ship and his shore based posting at Portsmouth had been great fun. His second posting to a small fisheries protection vessel had been much less so. He was seasick, horribly and continually seasick. Every time the sea got rougher than dead flat calm Addy was hanging over the side of the ship saying good bye to everything he had ever eaten. In fact, after 6 months he had asked to be transferred on medical grounds. Once off the ship he discovered he was going to be made redundant, “Defence Cuts”.

Out of the navy with no pension and no plan for the future, he was not expecting to leave the navy for another 10 years, he did not know what to do next. Living on his dwindling redundancy money he was aimless and bored. Addy had enjoyed the disciplined life in the Navy and found civvy street without a job an uncomfortable place.

One evening heading home from the pub slightly the worse for wear he was stopped and spoken to by a Police Constable. The PC suggested to Addy that singing about his time as “a wild rover”, at the top of his voice, on a residential street, at half past midnight (where had the evening gone??) was not in the public interest.

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Due Out May 1st


Estimated Publication 30 June 2016