What people like you have written in our guest book (all of it)

Noella and Stijn another couple of returners, as soon as you have the dates let us know!

Sue and Mike return visitors, We hopeto see you again next summer!


Thank you for making it all so worthwhile Tanis and Andy


Janice and Jeremy have awarded L'Olivette full marks for their stay

jan and Jeremy

Dutch visitors Mark and Merei added an extra week to their vacation to come and stay at L'Olivette.

Marc and Merei

Tim and Jan came last year .... and are booked for next summer too.

Tim and Jan

Gregg and Viv arrived all the way from New Zealand, it looks like enjoyed their stay too!

Viv and Gregg

First visitors of 2017, looks like Geoff and Linda liked their time here


Stijn and Noella from Belgium are planning a return trip

Father and Son, Jon and Iain, liked L'Olivette too, catch Jon at the Continental Swim in Glasgow

Tim and Jan "had everything" they "could possibley want

Mike and Sue love the web site and the 'L'Olivette' experience (June to July 2016)

Mike and Sue

Judy and Charlie back again ... it can't all be bad then ! (June 2016)

Judy and Charles

Marianne and Joop our first guest of 2016 - seem to have enjoyed their stay!


October by the time Judy and Charlie left


Judy and Charlie coming back

Ian and S found us through the Daily Mail of all places! But left these nice words in the Guest Book

Ian and S nice people nice words

Early August our first Euronature guests, Angeline and Jan

Nice words

July 2015 and Mandy & Laurie came for a week ...

Mandy and Laurie like it here

July 2015 and Jane and Andrew left this note in the book

Jane and Andrew


May 2015 and our first guests, Paul and his wife Chris from Belgium wrote this in the book...

First comment in the book


Come as guests ... Leave as friends