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Cala Macereleta


Cala Macereleta


South of Ciutadella along a long narrow lane, through a pig farm you arrive at a choice of car parks, free and close on 500 foot up or pay and park much lower. Being tight Mr Bun decided to walk, great walk down through scented pines to Cala Macarella, claimed to have a nudist area but we didn't stop, apart from buying a drink and using the loos at the cafe. Across the beach up and over the rocky headland and then


Cala Macareleta


Soft Sand, sheltered from any wind, warm clear water. Did get more crowded in the afternoon and it was a long walk back. That was 2006, in July 2014 we received this from Sue...


"Macareletta was standing room only.  Good steps and access over the rocks from Macarella, but people kept coming.  One or two nudists at far far end (pinned against the rocks) but so busy you actually had to step over people to get to the sea."... We can't think of any special reason for this week being busier than the rest ... Make access easier and the textiles will come


As the Eagles put ..... Call someplace Paradise and kiss it goodbye....



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