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Cala Mitjana


A great report from D and L Menorca in May 2008, we just removed a few words that might identify them ... here's what they wrote


just back.

On all the beaches (about 6)  we visited around the island, there were people with bare bums. Not in special areas, or hidden away just relaxed and amongst others who wore clothes. And not  old people, but young people in the main.

I hope this is a trend, and more and more of this attitude will be seen. On one beach in the south it was very packed (cala Mitjana), and I would say a third of the people there were bare!! One beach just to the north of Mao (sa Mesquida), was very busy and people were all mixed in, sunbathing and swimming together. Not many swimming though the sea was still a bit cold.

I think this is wonderful. Imagine if all beaches were just 'take it off if you want to, or cover up if you want to?'

Cala Mitjana near Cala Galdana on the south coast.


Thanks you too ... if you get to visit anywhere else nice we'd love to hear from you!




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