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Cap Ferret



A nice Postcard this from James,

It's a stunning picture by his girlfriend too!

Just back a couple of weeks ago from Cap Ferret, near La Porge. We stayed in Cap Ferret itself at the end of the peninsula and just went to the Atlantic beach just a short walk up the beach to the north edge of the town and it was glorious.

I went there on a French exchange back in the 90s and had been desperate to get back and get naked this time - it didn't disappoint.

It was my girlfriend's first time naked too so was lovely. Still early season so the beaches were almost deserted but we caught some great weather, if a bit breezy one day but one really can't complain! I could have walked for miles, such naked freedom! Can't wait to get back there.


We guess this sort of proves our theory that the entire West Coast of France is just one big naturist beach ... Thanks for the Postcard James.. we look forward to hearing from you again.






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