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Club O, St Martin


The Buns first naked trip outside of Europe so we decided to aim high and went for one of the best known resorts in the Caribbean.

Club Orient.

Arrival after the 2.5 hour flight from Miami was smooth and well organised. We were given our keys, towels and sun bed tokens and taken with our bags on a tour of the site on a golf buggy before being dropped off at the accommodation.

The accommodation was a semi-detached affair made of thick planks equipped with a fully functioning bathroom bigger than in many British houses, a full kitchen, a double bedded bedroom and a lounge dinner all with air con. Outside there were patio areas front and rear. The gardens were beautifully tended.

The beach and the sea were both clean and while the sea was warm (30+C) the white sand stayed cool even in full sun! The beach was equipped with loungers and parasols which you could reserve for your stay with the sun bed tokens, not that we bothered September is the quiet season... just missed the hurricanes. In high season Jan/Feb the beach does get busy.

September ..

The staff were friendly and helpful the site shop was reasonable but the wine stocked was very expensive and almost cheaper by the glass at the bar!

The only slight down side was the number of cruisers, from the cruise ships, that visit the beach however some join in and this could create wider acceptance.. We hope you enjoyed the rest of the trip Birthday Girl and your 2 mates from Wales, as much as you enjoyed your first skinny dip!

looking north...

Would we go back ..... as we both stood saying goodbye to beach on the last day, with tears in our eyes, we promised we will be back and for longer next time! So that is a big YES! Sell Granny, your soul to the devil or the kids to the slave traders what ever it takes and go and swim naked in the sea at Orient Bay, Saint Martin, French West Indies.

Washing away the tears, a final early morning swim



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