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Postcard from Corfu


A new postcard from our wandering correspondents Dave and Sue... been trying to visit the beaches on the West side of Corfu.


Hi Buns,

Happy holiday from Corfu here in June 2010!

We was hoping to get naked on Myrtiotissa beach but the sea was very rough on the day and was washing right up under the sun beds (took 3 pictures)



The beach at Arilas was the same, so we were unable to gain access due to rough sea.

We then drove right down to Korission Lake which is an inland lake which borders the sea with many miles of gold pure sand to roam. Sue did not join me as I had my naked fix for about 20 mins ...till it got quite black and then started to rain. see photo of me.

Anyway bye for now.

Sue & Dave


Our guess is it was Dave who wrote the card based on the picture of Korission Lake :-)






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