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Postcard from the Gower




Hello Buns!


Mrs B and I have just returned from 2 weeks in Wales. The ferry to France was just too pricey this year so we went abroad in the UK!

We stayed in the Gower, west of Swansea and found the wonderful beach of Whitford Sands - 2 miles of wide open space with perfect sands and few people. Apparently this beach is much frequented by naturists, but we saw only a few textiles walking their dogs. Access to the beach is by a 1/2 mile path from Llanmadoc; head in the direction of the lighthouse.


The weather was warm enough to laze on the beach but the water was too cold for swimming. Later in the holidays there was quite a keen wind, but moving into the extensive dunes solved that one.


Try this location out. If we have another September like last year it should be great here.







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