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Hawkes Bay Naturist Club



The Steves contine with their first visit to a Naturist club..... Their story continues

On the way back through north island we managed to contact the accommodations officer at Hawkes Bay Club who invited us to stay on their site for the weekend.

The club owns an 11 acre site out in quiet farming country, many members seem to own small huts “baches” or caravans or have pitches for camper vans.  The most unique vehicle there was a converted truck owned by a very artistic young couple who were living on site.

It’s a really nice site complete with large clubhouse and kitchen, swimming pool and pond.

While we were there I would guess that there was about 25-30 members on site although most of the time it seemed really quiet.

The club has a really nice tradition of a sociable afternoon tea after sounding of the bell when members all get together for a brew.


Overall it was a very nice introduction to club naturism; I would certainly consider being a member if I was living there.

According to the club though the membership is gradually declining with few new young members joining.




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