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Praia Vale dos Homens


The Thing about having nice beaches like Zavial and Furnas on your door step is why go anywhere else... it won't be any better... unless it is an off day.. we had 2 off days in September 2009 so did a couple of visits based on articles from H&E and our trusty Costa Vicentina Mapa Gratuito (Southwest Algarve Free Road Map and Useful Information) which lists beaches and the activities on them.

Praia Vale dos Homens (pictured) and Praia Carriagean are both accessed via a turn off the main road at Rogil and a long dirt track drive.

Homens at least has it's steps built and a high season life guard, at Carriagean they were still constructing the stairs. It was starting to thunder .. there were lot of steps .. it was late ...we didn't go down to the sand but both list 'narurismo' as the only activity




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