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Plage de Contis


We would like to share our experiences with you of the nude beaches of Vendee, Pays-de-la-Loire, France, and a few further South. Perhaps you could put them on your site as the location information and local knowledge is very difficult to obtain, especially in English. Sorry about the lack of photos

Peter & Jane


If anyone has photos of this beach please send them along. The Buns


Plage de Contis, Landes.

We stayed not far from this beach for a week and found that the best time of day for the beach was the morning. The wind tends to get stronger in the afternoon and a wind break is vital. Arriving by car at the main access to the beach turn off on the last road to the right and park just past the tarmac ramp leading up the dune about 100 yards along. Walk north along the road and then the track until you can climb over the coastal dune just past the last house. A very steep sandy path leads down to the beach but the nudist area starts here with soft sand, good swimming and it is very sparsely populated. When it time to go walk back along the beach and go up the fairly steep ramp by the café and past the lifeguard station, it is much easier going than the way you came down! There are also open showers here to deal with sandy feet or bodies. From the top of the dune it is an easy walk back down to your car.


Noon crowds on Contis Plage, (get a magnifying glass and you will find them!)




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