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Plage de Saint Nicolas


We would like to share our experiences with you of the nude beaches of Vendee, Pays-de-la-Loire, France, and a few further South. Perhaps you could put them on your site as the location information and local knowledge is very difficult to obtain, especially in English. Sorry about the lack of photos

Peter & Jane


If anyone has photos of this beach please send them along. The Buns


Plage de Saint Nicolas. Near Le Verdon-Sur-mer, Gironde.

When we crossed the Gironde estuary on the Royan ferry it was a very hot day and before proceeding further we went and found this beach. (GPS: 45.5625, -1.0910) Following the unmade road we arrived at the car park next to the Phare Saint Nicolas. We walked across flattish dunes about 600 yards and climbed over the higher coastal dune to find a deserted beach with the sea another 125 yards away. The sand shelved steeply into the sea making it excellent for swimming with a sand bank to lie on a few feet away. There was a mother with 2 children 100 yards away and another couple about half a mile away and that was it.  This beach is a hidden gem that every one passes on their way to the resorts further south. It is well worth a visit.




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