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Plage de la Redoute


We would like to share our experiences with you of the nude beaches of Normandy, France, and a few further South. Perhaps you could put them on your site as the location information and local knowledge is very difficult to obtain, especially in English. Sorry about the lack of photos

Peter & Jane


If anyone has photos of this beach please send them along. The Buns


Plage de la Redoute, Merville-Franceville-Plage, Calvados, Basse-Normandie,

This nudist area is down a good track with a good car park, (GPS: 49.2854, -0.2263) it is in the low dunes at the edge of the beach with lots of 2 person sized hollows. When we attended it was very busy. We were unable to find a space and although we were carrying the sort of equipment that made it obvious that we were looking for somewhere to take our clothes off and sunbathe we could feel a hostile atmosphere all around us. We did not stay! This area is one where swimming is forbidden and we could see little point to it at all.


Looks nice in pictures but sounds rather sad to us !! The Buns


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