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Plage des Lays


We would like to share our experiences with you of the nude beaches of Vendee, Pays-de-la-Loire, France, and a few further South. Perhaps you could put them on your site as the location information and local knowledge is very difficult to obtain, especially in English. Sorry about the lack of photos

Peter & Jane


Plage des Lays. Between La Barre-de-Monts and Notre-Dame-de-Monts.

This authorized naturist zone begins 200 meters south of the Lays beach access and extends about 800 meters, ending 200 meters north of the Parée Grollier beach access. We accessed it by the south end and found ample parking. (GPS: 46.8575, -2.1468) The unpaved road leading to the beach is marked “Route de la Parée Grollier” and is found on the “Route de la Rive” near L’Albizia camping. The track is quite bumpy but there is a nice shaded picnic area half way down. Although the restrictions are as above nudism seems to start immediately a few paces from the main access point. From the landward end of the car park a sandy footpath leads off diagonally through the low dunes to another access point firmly in the nude area. On repeat trips we used this as it was less effort than walking in the soft sand of the beach and cuts the walking distance from 500 to 350 yards. We found a mixed crowd with no problems and a lot of social interaction. The edge of the dunes seems to be used as an extension of the beach with no problems. I was welcomed by several of the “natives” but unfortunately lack the knowledge of French to carry out very much conversation. The main access is the easiest accessed nudist beach I have ever found and could even be attended by those with limited mobility.

And from Will and Mary

One of our favourite French beaches lying just north of Notre Dame de Monts, easily accessible down a comfortably wide unmade road from Le Paree Grollier. A decent size car park holding about 70 cars...less if mobile homes are parked at the beach end, if full, plenty of room on beach road. Just 100 yards from car park exit to beach then turn right for 200 yards for naturist beach which carries on for about 800 yards...the limits of the naturist area seem very flexible.

Really is a big, generally peaceful beach, except on one of our visits sand yachts were using the flat, hard sand for racing...they were oblivious to us but you had to have your wits about you as you can see. Super sand for beach games etc. The dunes behind used to be open but are now largely fenced off for conservation...on balance a good move. Friendly family atmosphere throughout.

Cheers, Will & Mary.



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