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Plage des Sables d'Opale


The previous year we visited the Normandy landing beaches and visited a few nudist beaches on our way. Sorry about the lack of photos

Peter & Jane


If anyone has photos of this beach please send them along. The Buns


Plage des Sables d'Opale, Berck, Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

This beach is sign posted “Plage Nature”. There is a gravel parking lot next to a closed down venue called “Le Terminus”. (GPS: 50.4321, 1.5669) From here you walk on a sandy path to the beach and turn right. Walking for another 500 yards you pass some ruined concrete bunkers and the nudity zone begins and extends north for 1000 yards. We had some amusing experiences here. The beach is very well used by a very social mixed crowd which thins the further you get from the access. On top of the dunes naked men stand, hands on hips, surveying the scene below them. On our first visit we made the mistake of going into the start of one of the little valleys leading into the dunes. This attracted the attention of several men, mostly harmless, but one who came and sat about 10 feet away wearing his budgie smugglers. We were amazed when he then reached inside them and proceeded to try and massage his budgie into a cockatoo. Our derisive laughter made him give up and go away very quickly. We moved down onto the beach where the normal people were. On each of the 3 days we were there a well built coloured gentleman was also present who visually confirmed rumours about the endowments of his race. He seemed to have a large fan club of white ladies who, leaving their husbands to guard their sun umbrellas, queued up to have him rub sun cream all over their bodies. I suggested to my wife she might enquire how much he charged but she declined. Swimming was good, easy when the tide was up and a long walk at low water when the mussel farm was exposed. Swimming amongst the mussel poles was fun with a prevailing smell of moules not unpleasant. The men with their tractor attending the mussel farm took no notice of anyone swimming. Walking back up the beach we found a young couple lying on the beach engrossed with each other and, frankly, they should have “got a room” but were doing no harm out of sight of everybody. The last thing worthy of mention was the elderly fisherman with his fishing basket and 2 rods working the tide up the beach wearing only a hat and a perfect suntan.




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