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Plage des Salins





We would like to share our experiences with you of the nude beaches of Vendee, Pays-de-la-Loire, France, and a few further South. Perhaps you could put them on your site as the location information and local knowledge is very difficult to obtain, especially in English. Sorry about the lack of photos

Peter & Jane


Plage des Salins. Just south of Saint-Jean-de-Monts.

We went to the ample car park at this beach’s access point, (GPS: 46.7627, -2.0412) and looked down from the top of the high coastal dune 800 yards towards the nudist area. It seemed a perfectly reasonable bit of beach but, taking note of it reputation for voyeurism due to the close proximity of the town, we decided that it was not worth the walk and went on to the more easily accessed beaches.

From Will and Mary



Have to agree with Peter and Jane, very 'voyeuristic' naturist beach mainly because of large holiday properties of St Jean de Monts being so close....see pictures. A handful of naturists are on the dune slopes in the second picture. Large numbers of textiles transit along beach...pretending not to look, and too busy for our liking, especially in the late morning with lots of beach walkers. Car park is large and very accessible only 200 yards through dunes, then turn right for 400 yards to clean, well kept beach...but number of 'meerkats' in dunes. Beaches to the north of St Jean de Monts/Notre Dame are far more open, easily accessible and generally peaceful.

Will & Mary


From an old friend Barry

Plage des Salins (St Jean de Monts)

This is one of our favorite beaches, as we camp nearby and cycle to the parking area. The rear of the beach where the dunes are is now heavily fenced off for regeneration. This has also dealt with the meerkat activity. The textiles walking along the beach have never been a problem to us, and this may depend on the time of year. It is a popular surfing beach and we had to watch out for surfers when swimming. This varied as the surfers moved back and forth to "catch a wave". We really enjoy the rough Atlantic breakers though.




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