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Port Leucate



June 2010, the weather forecast for Montpellier was not good Perpignan looked like the sun would last most of the day ... so the Buns decide to have trip out from La Grande Cosse.

We headed about 30 miles (45K) south and arrived at Port Leucate, the sun was out so we stopped for a look around.

(thanks to Barry for this picture ... taken from the spot we were sitting on)

The Naturist area is on an island and consists of several 'villages' and a dedicated beach. The beach was quite wide and sandy, the sea was clear and the facilities appeared to be good. We had a good lunch at one of the beachside bars at a fair price.. despite being very early in the season.


The accommodation looked manly to consist of apartments but was externally well care for. As day visitors, yes we just parked up near the bridge and walk down to the beach, we were unable to explore thoroughly. We were very pleased with what we saw and will probably be going back to stay in the near future!

We got a short note from Barry, along with the picture, it paints similar picture

We stayed near Leucate plage in 2007 and it became our favourite beach. We usually parked just over the little bridge and then walked through to the beach, leaving our clothes in the car

The weather was generally marvellous with only one day starting grey before getting hot by mid afternoon. Water was warm and good for bathing. Although popular, the beach was not overcrowded, with the mix mainly of French, German and Dutch naturists (plus us the only English).

Thanks for the input Barry, it's people like you who send in these snippets that add so much to the site!





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