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Riva Bella



June 2009, the Buns spent a nice week lazing in the sun at the Riva Bella resort on Corsica.

We flew out on Easy Jet, who operate a limited direct service to the island from Gatwick, but we had to delay booking anything until quite late as these flights were not available for booking until the spring.

Riva Bella is in a great setting, protected by a large etang to the south and a military training area to the north so the long sandy beach is used only by visitors to the resort. 

The resort is well equipped with a shop, restaurant, beach bar (almost always closed while we were there), free sauna, a full time reception and a well equipped Spa facility. Oh yes, and llamas lots of llamas.


The bungalows as the concrete bunkers are described were surprisingly comfortable and well kitted out, no oven so pizza is off the home cooked menu!

The facilities for campers looked excellent.

We enjoyed our time, laying on the beach, swimming in the warm Mediterranean sea, walking through the trees and generally lazing around. Going back?.... yes we would. When and if the pound euro rate gets better!

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