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Serignan Plage


Serignan Plage is a few Km away from the very pretty town of Serignan. The beach ..on the very dull day we visited was empty.....Sandy, clean but empty. Driving round to the campsite entrance brought us to a walled area, that appeared to contain at least 2 different resorts one naturist one textile.

Then it started to rain ... If anyone has been and stayed during nice weather please let us know about it .

Then we get a postcard from Will and Mary

  Lovely relaxing stretch of coast....quiet, friendly beach with refreshments just on textile side of boundary outside the campsite. You have to don shorts to walk 50 yards!!...but the food and drink is decent and convenient. The two camp sites are connected but separate. The car park is large, with just 200yds to beach, plenty of room, we much prefer it to other naturist beaches on this stretch of coastline. Nice family atmosphere with groups coming from camp site, but the beach was never crowded...picture taken about 2.00.

Thanks Bob .. we'll be along seeing as it is just over an hour from L'Olivette to Serignan Plage




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