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Words and pictures by Gerry

It was late in the year (end of October)  when we arrived it was very obviously the end of the season (practically no-one around however the temperature was extremely pleasant - around 27c each day. I have some video showing the temperature to be 22c at 22:00 on the 22nd of October (a sign outside a Pharmacy showed the significant details).

I am a keen naturist  however I had never considered Italy to be a nudist friendly country so did not even research the possibility of nudist-friendly beached in the vicinity of where we were staying.

We soon found our way down to the beach - it is about 300 feet from the village but be warned - it is 300 feet VERTICALLY.

Not a problem really since the walk is through a lovely pine wood at the end of the village. We reached the beach and it was deserted. I really mean absolutely empty. It is mainly shingle with a few sandy patches and about 600 yards long (in my estimation). Anyway, it being deserted, I stripped off and we settled down to sunbathe and swim. I went for the obligatory walk from one end of he beach to the other - it appears that there is a beach café which probably operates in "high" season. Otherwise I could not see any other facilities.

After an hour or so some people came down to the beach -they also stripped off, sunbathed and went for a dip.

We visited this beach several times during our stay and we normally had the place to ourselves for most of the day. When anyone did join us they were nude also and it was only when we returned home and I did some internet research that I discovered that the beach is an official nude beach!

I do really recommend Sirolo for a quiet holiday at the end of the season. I believe that it has not yet been "discovered" by "us Brits" - it appears an Italian only holiday resort. The village is medieval, small and picturesque
in that it is perched at the top of a cliff overlooking the Adriatic. Do look at the website describing the Conero district.http://www.le-marche.com/Marche/html/conero.htm






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