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Son Bou





Up date from Son Bou

SEPTEMBER 2011    Son Bou – Menorca.


We visited Son Bou in early September 2011, very much guided by the Sunnybuns review, and found that the place entirely lived up to expectations. Son Bou is a tourist resort, developed as such, and perhaps not the sort of place we usually visit. However as we simply needed a base for a week or so in the sun, and with not too much difficulty in finding a naturist beach, it fitted in well with our requirement. If there is a problem of any kind it is that getting to the Son Bou beach does involve a bit of walking. However, for us that was a bonus rather than a problem as we like a bit of exercise at the beginning and end of a lazy day on the beach. In fact we choose the longer, and far more attractive, way of getting there rather than the shorter route that takes you through the town and brings you onto the beach at the eastern end.

Son Bou beach is enormous - almost 4 kilometres in length. As there is now a bridle path/cycle trail that circumnavigates the entire island, marked at intervals, it is much easier to know exactly where you are. Son Bou beach ends at the rocky headland that is clearly visible on Barry’s 2007 picture. Beyond here for quite a while there are no beaches until, heading further west, you arrive at Sant Tomas. At the eastern end of Son Bou beach, immediately in front of the town, you will find the sunbeds and here textiles prevail. Walk westward, away from the sunbeds, and you don’t have to go very far before nudity becomes common. I would estimate that from about a third of the way along, and then all the way to the western end, something like half of the people will be naked. And if not entirely naked then every shade between. This must be the ultimate in clothing optional beaches. You simply do whatever you want. And that makes it ideal for someone who is trying naturism for the first time, or maybe even just thinking about it. No one will notice, or care, whatever you choose to do. The sea is shallow in front of the beach and shelves gradually making it very safe for swimming although the lifeguards are concentrated at the eastern end and there is no safety provision towards the west. They do tell you this. Also the beach is rather narrow and the ground immediately behind is an environmentally sensitive protected zone and consequentially is fenced off. It is however, perfectly possible, and very enjoyable, to walk almost the whole length of the beach by the water’s edge.

One very pleasant aspect of this beach is the wide age-range of people disporting themselves on the sand and many of the younger naked people are Spanish. It is, of course, perfectly possible that the demography of the beach will change with the season but it was still quite busy in early September and I doubt that things will change too much in high season. It all seems too well established for that. My photographs show the western entrance to the beach and the view along the whole beach looking east.




Menorca has much to commend it and should we return, as we intend to do, then further exploration would doubtless bring its own rewards – there are apparently many other naturist beaches to be found on the island. But if all that is needed is an excellent beach with relaxed naturist facilities and easy access then you would do well to put Son Bou at the top of your itinerary.


Dave B. September 2011


Thanks Dave ... good to know that this beach still thrives!!


Update from Bejarne (Denmark) July 2013

Just returned from a trip to Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca - 3 weeks end of july and beginning of august.

About Menorca, Sun Bou, I can tell: 

All the past sunbeds and umbrellas are mainly used by naturists / skinny-dippers - and from there it goes with nude bathing - only about 8 min. walk from the entrance, past the last lifeguard tower.

In particular, many English and Spanish.

We got played a part nude beach tennis in the shallows. In every way a super beach for naturists.

I missed, however delicious beach restaurants - the delicious beach restaurants to get to Formentera and Ibiza to find.

We stayed at the super lovely hotel Jardin De Menorca with minibus service to the beach. Neither the city of Sun Bou or Mahon seems particularly interesting.

But I will always prefer Formentera rather than Menorca.





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