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Waikawau Bay


Not so much a post card more the whole guide book from Mr & Mrs Steve........


In the East Coromandel we camped at Waikawau Bay on the Department of Conservation (DOC) campsite.

Camping there in the large basic site we chose a pitch well away from most people and about 50m from just one other tent on that particular field - only to notice that they were nude at their site. They were delighted that we were happy with that! So that corner of the camp became independently naturist.

Although it is not officially a naturist beach the couple we met there said that “discrete” nudity is well accepted there and anyway the beach is so long that it would be highly unlikely to see anyone else once beyond the area bordering the camp.




We liked it so much mainly because of the space to walk along a really long deserted beach. We decided to stay another night—however we were woken at 5 the next morning by the DoC Warden telling us about a tsunami warning and advising us to clear out to higher ground.




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