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Welcome to The Bun's Web site!


Hello his name is Mr Bun and  she is Hun Bun we are from the south of England originally.

Mr Bun is a senior manager in one of the world largest employers, Hun Bun is a hard working member of the caring professions. We both work very hard and like to relax hard when we are on holiday.

We first met at a swimming pool while we both still at school and had a steady relationship for several years before the separation of being at university at the opposite ends of the country became too much. 

Over the years of separation Mr Bun got married twice, Hun Bun the once and between them raised several children.

Then a few years ago we found each other again via the internet. We found we had a lot in common, and as a result of shared memory of skinny dipping as teenagers... well that's what this site is about.


This site was last updated 25/01/17