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Chris C visited in Sept 2009 and says some of the beach has been washed away between San Tomas and the Ravine but I think this is a regular thing see the pictures at the bottom ...

Edd Liz confirmed this was the case after visiting in June, August and September 2009 (lucky People!!)

It was like that back in 2004 but in 2005 there was beach all the way to the hotels.. so recovery is possible


A sandy beach with reasonable bathing, can get rough with a slight undertow to the west. At the back of the beach is a steep pine forest. There might now be a small bar operating out of an old shelter a 100m back into the woods, we went equipped so didn't go looking to check.


A return to the beach where we started our nudist adventures, drive into San Tomas, park in the rocky field just before you turn left along the coast. Walk to the beach, turn right past the cafe and walk around the headland. We had passed the first naked man before I took this snap.....

The density of nudist increase as you walk on. Had such a nice day I forgot to take any pictures until after it was home time....

Fortunately Alistair sent me this one




and I borrowed these from another site



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