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El Cotillo


The lagoon beaches of El Cotillo are a real mixture, both in the mix of undressed / dressed people and also in the terrain. The sand is lovely and soft and a warm golden colour. The volcanic rocks around the area, on the other hand, vary from smooth'ish' & flat'ish' to quite sharp and pointed.


There is  a large crescent shaped bay near a road side restaurant but there are various bays and coves, perfect to go rock-pooling in, almost all the way along the coast towards the light house to the north of the village. There are also some beaches to the south of the village as well.
Thanks to Charles and Judy for this report

Kajby also appears to have enjoyed himself at El Cotillo in 2001

"Really nice place but I suspect may now be developed. No problem where ever really. Find a secluded place but on the rocks really nice. See pics. Thats me! "

Good news Kajby as Charles and Judy's pictures show and the Buns have seen .. It has hardly changed so far.

Thanks for pics and words ..hope to see more of you on the site soon!