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Isla Tevira


A short ferry crossing from Tavira town, just follow the signs to Praia

A Beautiful long long sandy beach, part of which is an official nudist area. We were there in March 05, a bit cool and totally deserted. We are planning to go back when it's hotter! Probably stay at the same hotel too.....

and so we did in June 06 this time.......

Oh and we went back in July2007 ....

Mr Bun on the Beach The closest it got to crowded


We took a weekend break at the start of June 2006, We stayed in the "Textile" Vila Gale Albacora and spent our days on the Island. The nude area (officially but no one seemed to mind) begins 1500m after the last concession, potentially a bit of a walk from the nearest bar so we stopped for Water (2 Euro / 1.5 l) at the Dinoself bar on the way ... their sardines were great too!

Having walked 500 or so of the 1500 m and decided we were going to spread out the towels "here" we found the beach almost deserted. For 3 days we were able to walk miles towards the far end of the beach the way that people did from the dawn of time. The few other people around were either nude themselves or seemed totally unfazed by having naked people walking past them.

Looking west first Saturday in June!

Looking East...

End of a long walk! The Monday crowd..
July 2007 .... warm water too And still the crowds flock in..


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