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Naked Etiquette


Personal thoughts about public behaviour on a nude beach  

So what do I mean by naked etiquette?


I think I mean the way to behave when naked in public or seeing others naked in public.


We are here to relax and enjoy ourselves, we work hard to be able to afford it so we deserve time to be ... to be free of conflict so, if everyone respects that, life is much more fun. Maybe that's why we like nude beaches......


  1. Politeness costs nothing, speaking to other people is not a crime, so say Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag or Ola  to people you meet on the beach or in the sea.

  2. Towels ... as Douglas Adams said in a Hitch Hiker Guide to the Galaxy "..A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar nudist can have." (Ok I changed one word) [Full text] No one should be naked without one. They must be used to sit on when sitting on any type of seat. They can also be used to cover up any embarrassing moments, to reduce the trauma for textiles who don't have a body of their own, to protect against excess sun and to appease the Police Officer who orders you to get dressed.

  3. We enjoy watching the sea, watching the world go by, watching people enjoying them selves. I find looking at attractive people a pleasure too. This doesn't mean I'm staring at you, even if I am it's probably because you are attractive in someway!

  4. I'm on holiday, on holiday I take photos, as you can see in the rest of the site. If I am taking pictures on a textile beach no one minds being in the background .. getting them out of the foreground is hard enough! You are on a bare beach so unless I am pointing a camera right at your personal bits why get worried. So you might end up in someone's collection of holiday snaps or on this website.. You are on a beach, naked and your boss, next door neighbour or student could be there too .. if they see you on this site they are either perverts (and unlikely to admit what they are doing by asking if it's really you..) or you have more in common than you thought!

  5. Just because I'm naked, you're naked, everyone around here is naked, doesn't mean I want to have sex with you or my partner to have sex with you. Being honest I don't want to watch you having sex with yourself or anyone else either. Other people might but don't assume!

  6. Just because I'm naked doesn't mean I can't touch my partner, I fancy them with their pants off as much as I fancy the pants off them. Flirting is not public sex.

  7. Making love in a secluded place in the open air is not public sex either, provided you are trying to keep it private.

  8. When it's time to go home leave nothing but your footprints and take nothing but your memories (your rubbish, a few photos, a new friendship .....)


So that's our bobs worth ... what do you think the rules are / should be? Let us know




This site was last updated 25/01/17