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Club Magic Life



The Occidental Grand Fuerteventura is no more. The Hotel has been taken over and is now the Hotel Club Magic Life Fuerteventura in Playa de Esquinzo ...


GOOD NEWS we hear from AJ that he  "Noticed the area when I went for a Sauna. The 'Downstairs' area Sauna/Steam room, changing rooms, pool etc .is a naturist zone,   Naturist 18+ signs up.and has had some extra shading areas put up, compared to those old photos"

More Good News from Fred April 2014

"Spent a wonderful week here in early April. The naturist section is fine with a good sized pool (but only for swimmers as it is 1.8m deep right across) plus a smaller jacuzzi type pool. There is a sauna as well. In fact two saunas: one for nudists and one for textile. Seems strange arrangement as to get to the textile sauna, one would have to go through naturist area. Around fifty loungers and a small area of lawn. It was kept very clean and lifeguard was on duty. Apples, water and a selection of paperbacks all available.

Although quite acceptable it felt a bit constrained there. I preferred the freedom of the beach although it is a bit of a climb down from the resort and back up. I started by taking my kit off in the acknowledged naturist beach (just beyond the sailing club) then walking on from there. One late afternoon when returning I just could not face putting on shorts so I walked along the entire beach back to the resort steps, naked. Everyone else was clothed but no apparent reaction from anyone. They may have thought, "Look at the stupid old man with nothing on." But I don't care, I felt great. "

There we are then a nice textile hotel with naturist facilities right above a beach that is very naked .. A good place for the first timer (like the Monte Marina Hotel) or reluctant partner to experience the joys of naked swimming, sun bathing and still not be compelled to join in!

Extra Good News a report from Al Dec 2016

I spent a week there in December 2016. The sea water is just fine for bathing (warmer than our city pools).
I walked nude several times on the beach from Morro Jable to Esquinzo an easy 90 mins walk (however you may need shoes at high tide).
All along, there are no distinct textile / nude zones.
I met many nude persons walking along or entering or exiting the sea, as well as textiles.
As Fred said (April 2014) there was no reaction from anybody. I only avoided to pass in front of or behind peoples being shoot on pictures.
I include a picture of the beach (December 2016).


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