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Perranporth Beach


 The Buns have never been to the nudist part of this beach, Mr Bun stayed in Perranporth for a week back in the late sixties ... I remember a big clean beach with a stream across it but I was too young to recall anything else.

Charlie, who wrote to tell me about it and provide the pictures, says

"The naturist end of Perranporth Beach is right at the top, or Northern, end. It can be reached by a 2 mile walk along the beach from the town, where there are car parks, shops, toilets etc. Alternatively you can park on the back road which goes off to the left outside the Haven Holiday site gateway. Park near the turn for Rose, other cars will probably be there, and walk out across Penhale Sands, past St Pirrans' Oratory and the large Cross, and then "walk" down the sand dunes and along the beach from there.
The beach itself is about 400 yards deep when the tide is out and looks massive. There are no facilities at the naturist end, so take anything you need for a quiet day out, including so shade of some sort.
There is a line of debris at the high water mark, but it's only "flotsam & jetsam" from the Atlantic. For Heavens' Sake, the next stop is America !
All in all, as somebody said to me " It's a magical place."

Well that sounds good and the pictures make it look great ... time for a trip to the West Country Hun! .... But could it be too late .. an update from Charlie (August 2006) reveals


"It turns out that the M.O.D. actually own the dunes to the rear of the beach and the beach as far as the high water mark. Officially they have never allowed naturists on the beach, but have tolerated the nudists at the northern end of the beach by the cliffs.

However, recently there has been a big increase in all sorts of "unpleasantness" and meercats (single men) mucking and messing  about in the dunes. We've noticed them increase over the last few years. Anyway, they have got fed up with the situation and it looks like, if they haven't already, they will ban nudists from the beach !

Slightly better news from Charlie May 2008...

It would appear that after consultations between all of the relevant parties, including the Police, the MOD and BN, that the ban on naturists using the beach at Perranporth has been lifted ..... at least for the time being.

The MOD now allows naturists  to use the very northern end of the beach, under the cliffs, but, as far as I'm aware, that's about it. The aim is to try and keep the 'meercats' and  other  'unpleasantness' away from the dunes. The MOD actually own all of the sand dunes and the beach down to the high water mark. Access is allowed through their property only along the South West Coastpath.

So please feel free to use this great beach again, but just be aware of the limitations applied there. It could be "use it,( properly ) or lose it" which would be a tragedy because it's a great beach.


OK People what are we going to do about it?



This site was last updated 26/01/17